Sinerji Productions Co. , which was established in 1995 in İstanbul-Turkey. Our main area of business involves the production of which have been successful in their own genre and making award winning programming for all major broadcasters. Our television production covers wide range of areas such as entertainment, game shows, quiz, realty, documentaries, promotional and educational films. By being the first company in Turkey 1998 to shoot a TV series "Secret Files" using 166mm film technique, Sinerji made it's place in Turkish television history. The greatest success of the company is the Turkish version of "The Alphabet Game", a format by GRANADA INT. "Passaparola" was broadcasted in 3 different channels for 5 years, with a total of 627 episodes. The show has been acknowledged and received several awards in Turkey. Since it's birth and for the past 12 years, Whith very careful and proffesional preparation and longlasting productions, Sinerji has managed to put it's name on many attentioned shows. Sinerji is especially known for the experience they have in producing international formats.